Kristen Strom’s New CD “Sojourn”

Get “Sojourn”, “Intention” and “Crossing Borders” at CDBaby!, Amazon, on iTunes, Rhapsody, and many other digital sites.
email me to purchase the CD (PayPal accepted),
visit the following fine retail location:

West Valley Music
1350 Grant Road 11-B
Mountain View, CA 94040

A note about CD Baby is great online record store that sells CDs by independent artists. The company sets up a great page with info and sound clips, handles the shipping, and only takes $4.00 of the selling price,(and only 9% of digital downloads) as opposed to other well-known retailers who take 55% and more. It is also totally secure.

So, if you purchase a CD from them, obviously, it’s better for me, because I get most of the money that you pay for it. On your end, it’s easy, you can hear all the tracks on the CD, and you will be helping to support independent artists.