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Kristen Strom's New CD “Sojourn”


Get “Sojourn", "Intention” and "Crossing Borders" at CDBaby!, Amazon, on Itunes, Rhapsody, and many other digital sites.
email me to purchase the CD (PayPal accepted),
visit the following fine retail location:

West Valley Music
1350 Grant Road 11-B
Mountain View, CA 94040

A note about CD Baby is great online record store that sells CDs by independent artists. The company sets up a great page with info and sound clips, handles the shipping, and only takes $4.00 of the selling price,(and only 9% of digital downloads) as opposed to other well-known retailers who take 55% and more. It is also totally secure.

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Kristen Strom's Debut CD “Intention”

1. River Man Listen
2. The Old Country Listen
3. Golden Slumbers Listen
4. Charade Listen
5. Blackbird Listen
6. The Water is Wide Listen
7. Nancy’s Eyes Listen
8. Of the Father’s Love Begotten Listen
9. Fool’s Circle Listen
10. Si Beg Si More Listen
11. Two for the Road Listen
Kristen Strom – saxes, woodwinds, vocals
Scott Sorkin – guitars
Jason Lewis – drums and percussion
John Shifflett – bass
Adam Shulman – piano
Paul Nagel – piano
Nate Pruitt – vocals
Ed Johnson – vocals
Jennifer Scott – vocals
Gordon Strom – vocals
Peter Strom – vocals
Brian Strom – vocals
Eric Strom – vocals
Produced by
Scott Sorkin and Kristen Strom

Recorded and Mixed by
Gary Mankin, Scott Sorkin and Nelson Braxton

Production Assistance:
Jason Lewis

Recorded and Mixed at
Open Path Studios
San Jose, CA

Mastered by
Ken Lee, Ken Lee Mastering, Oakland, CA

“Crossing Borders” features Canadian vocalist Jennifer Scott and Kristen Strom. This is their debut CD.

Crossing Borders CD
1. Once in a Dream Listen
2. Smile Listen
3. Lapinha Listen
4. Tones for Joan's Bones Listen
5. Let's Get Together Listen
6. It's My Party Listen
7. Sign Language Listen
8. Sweet Dreams Listen
9. Waiting For Angela Listen
10. Give Up the Ghost Listen

The band completed very successful international tours in 2008 and 2009. They will release their new CD in August 2014, with shows in the S.F. Bay Area August 7 - 10.

For booking info please contact:

Matt Beasley


Jennifer Scott – vocals/piano
Kristen Strom – saxes, woodwinds, vocals
Scott Sorkin – guitars
Rene Worst – bass
Jason Lewis – drums and percussion
Brian Rice – percussion

Produced by
Scott Sorkin & Rene Worst

Recorded by
Gary Mankin, Scott Sorkin

Mixed by
Scott Sorkin
Recorded and Mixed at
Open Path Music
San Jose, CA
Digital/Black Arts
San Jose, CA