Selected Discography

As Leader

Crossing Borders “Mess Around” (RenJenStromKin – 02) (2014)

Kristen Strom Quartet “Sojourn” (ToneQueen) (2012)

Jennifer Scott and Kristen Strom “Crossing Borders” (RenJenStromKin) (2008)

Kristen Strom “Intention” (Open Path OPM-5001-9) (2005)

As Sideperson

Jim Norton Collective “Time Remembered: Compositions of Bill Evans” (Origin-82678) (2014)

Tammy L. Hall Quintet “Blue Soul” (Blue Sol) (2012)
Ellen Robinson “Don’t Wait Too Long” (EMR Music) (2012)
Paul Zarzyski – “Collisions of Reckless Love” (Open Path OPM-5001-12) (2007)
Paul Zarzyski – “Rock and Rowell” (Open Path OPM-5001-12) (2007)
Departure “Through the Trees” (Open Path OPM-5001-8) (2005)
Catherine Siedel “Still Water” (Open Path OPM-5001-6) (2005)
Jennifer Scott “Emotional Girl” (Carltunes) (2005)
John Worley, Jr. “Worlview” (Dancing Sumo) (2004)
Gail Dobson “Parallel Reflections” (Lifeforce Jazz) (2003)
Tim Volpicella “Many Places” (Open Path) (2001)
Wally Schnalle “It Rhymes” (Retlaw) (1996)

Nuclear Whales Saxophone Orchestra

“Fathom This” (Whaleco) (1999)
“Isotopia” (1997)
“Gone Fission” (1992)
“Thar They Blow” (1991)

Ed Johnson

“The Other Road” (Cumulus) (2007)
(2004) “Movimento” (Cumulus)
(2002) “Over That Wave” (Cumulus)

Burning Bridges “Forethought” (Time Design)

Taylor P. Collins

“Wrap Me Up”

1989 – Giraffe “The View From Here/Giraffe”
1988 – Robert Ferris “No Two” (Warner Bros)
1994 – Steve August “Happiness the Hero” (25th St. Records)
2005 – The New Arrivals “The Road Back”


“Fat Rose and Squeaky” (2005)
“Swing, The Movie” (2004)
“To Touch the Stars/A Musical Celebration of Space Exploration” (Prometheus)