Kristen Strom’s Debut CD “Intention”


1. River Man

2. The Old Country

3. Golden Slumbers

4. Charade

5. Blackbird

6. The Water is Wide

7. Nancy’s Eyes

8. Of the Father’s Love Begotten

9. Fool’s Circle

10. Si Beg Si More

11. Two for the Road


Kristen Strom – saxes, woodwinds, vocals
Scott Sorkin – guitars
Jason Lewis – drums and percussion
John Shifflett – bass
Adam Shulman – piano
Paul Nagel – piano
Nate Pruitt – vocals
Ed Johnson – vocals
Jennifer Scott – vocals
Gordon Strom – vocals
Peter Strom – vocals
Brian Strom – vocals
Eric Strom – vocals
Produced by
Scott Sorkin and Kristen Strom

Recorded and Mixed by
Gary Mankin, Scott Sorkin and Nelson Braxton

Production Assistance:
Jason Lewis

Recorded and Mixed at
Open Path Studios
San Jose, CA

Mastered by
Ken Lee, Ken Lee Mastering, Oakland, CA